Sabre ASP Model Gains Momentum With Airlines


has announced that 28 new airlines chose to access airline software products through Sabre eMergo, the company`s Web-enabled and dedicated network solutions offering, in 2002.
Steve Clampett, president of Airline Products and Services - Sabre
A total of 38 eMergo client agreements have been signed and 14 customers have been implemented to date, making eMergo the leading application service provider (ASP) offering for the airline transportation industry.

Sabre eMergo addresses the concerns of small to medium airlines and provides access to applications through its ASP model over an Internet or direct connection, eliminating the airlines` need for complicated in-house data center infrastructure and support. Airlines choose the eMergo platform for access to products to improve revenues, lower costs and reduce time to market, affordably and without large capital outlay.

Benjamin Pring, Gartner Dataquest Chief Analyst, IT Services noted that as expected, there has been a significant thinning of the ASP ranks over the last couple of years. “Those that are still standing are - with a few exceptions - fitter and in better shape to carve out a sustainable and profitable niche in the coming years,” Pring said.

“There did tend to be a lot of buzz and fanfare around ASPs several years ago; however, I believe Sabre Airline Solutions is one of the few companies that has made it work - and made it work specifically for the airline industry,” said Tom Klein, president of Sabre Airline Solutions. “The number of airlines that are increasingly signing up with us for this model or have expressed interest proves this.”


p>The AirPrice fares management system enables airlines to improve profitability through tactical and strategic analysis and management of fares. It offers powerful data query tools that let pricing analysts examine relative market data, including competitors` changes, to make the right decisions quickly.


“Access to tools that analyze airline operations in a market that is changing daily is extremely important to an airline`s performance, as is the integration of information and processes. However, controlling costs is also critical,” said Steve Clampett
, president of Airline Products and Services at Sabre. “eMergo balances both of these requirements. The eMergo platform provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership through the elimination of infrastructure needs and by providing easier use and training and predictable costs. This means that instead of managing technology, our airline customers can focus on their core competencies.”


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