Telewest on Schedule with Migration of Operators to IP

Telewest Travel
has today announced it is on track with its IP Host
upgrade plans by announcing a further two operators that are now
benefiting from IP Host Connects additional functionality.

Telewest Travel is continuing the programme to upgrade all its
registered operators from the previous X25 connectivity to IP Host
Connect. The new technology allows operators to offer higher quality
distribution of Viewdata services to Telewest connected agents. IP Host
Connect is designed to support the delivery of Telewest Travel`s
Endeavour suite. Operating within Telewest`s dedicated travel extranet,
Endeavour enables easy, flexible access for independent travel agents to
a wide range of online industry resources. IP Host Connect enables tour
operators to distribute Viewdata with much improved performance than was
previously possible and has the potential to distribute many other
services across the same connection.

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