Flightcatchers to Help Customers Book Online

can now help make on-line booking even easier with the
launch of their exclusive new software product the Virtual Interactive
Assistant (VIA) now available. 
VIA is designed to put customers in direct
contact with an operator who can offer advice on a booking and even
recommend alternative options to ensure a hassle free search - booking -
confirmation process, enabling travel agents to improve their sales on the web, and agents and
customers will receive the same attention from the Sales Team as if they
were present in the shop, from the comfort of their own home or office.

Vic Cheema, CEO and co-founder of Flightcatchers.com commented:
“Flightcatchers.com was created to provide travel solutions for those
looking for quality travel arrangements on-line and we are continuing to
develop ways in which to make the this process more reliable, secure and
simple.  On a wider scale with the launch of the new VIA software we are
additionally opening the internet to those traditional consumers who are
reluctant to trade online. The applications for VIA are almost limitless,
and this is just a small, but nonetheless significant, step towards
unlimited real-time commercial communication online”.

The VIA software was created by Vytec Solutions, which co-owns
Flightcatchers.com. Other Vytec Solutions customers include British Airways,
Compaq and Virgin.net.

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