Monkey Business at the Langham

Creativity, intelligence, and success are traits of those born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Monkey- 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980 or 1992.  In celebration of the Year of the Monkey beginning January 22, 2004, the newly named Langham Hotel, Hong Kong (formerly the Great Eagle) invites guests to experience a package tailored to the zodiac sign with monkey-themed treats and a sampling of Hong Kong’s culture history, art and fine cuisine. 

This three-day, two-night Chinese New Year Package is available from January 22, 2004 through February 8, 2005 and includes accommodation, a gift of monkey picked tea, banana desserts at turndown and a pair of monkey jade pendants. Cost is £221 (HK$3038) per night based on double occupancy inclusive of tax and service charges.  Included with the Year of the Monkey package:
- Two nights’ cityview accommodations with daily breakfast- Guests will enjoy elegant accommodations and first-class service and amenities including fluffy duvets and plump pillows, marble bathrooms, 24-hour concierge service and four top-rated restaurants.
- Monkey Picked Tea- Legend has it that monkeys were trained by monks to collect the leaves from the branches of the wild tea trees growing on steep mountainsides. The tea leaves picked by the monkeys produce a unique pale golden tea, said to impact one’s sense of curiosity and wisdom, characteristic of the monkeys themselves. 
- Monkey Zodiac Jade Pendants- The Chinese have long believed that wearing jade jewellery imparts good health, good luck and protection from evil spirits.  Those born under the sign of the Monkey are believed to be especially superstitious and will find the jade pendants not only charming, but also useful for assisting a state of well-being.
- Banana Desserts at Turndown- Go bananas! To fully share in the monkey experience guests will receive a surprise banana-flavoured treat at turn-down such as banana scones, banana bread or chocolate-covered bananas.
- Optional—Private Session with Fung Shui Master - £146 (HK$2,000) per couple. Increasingly popular around the globe, Fung Shui (meaning “wind and water”) is the ancient Chinese art of placement of furniture or objects to create balance in one’s life, thus creating a harmonious environment.  In the presence of the Master, “monkeys” are assisted in ensuring their success with heightened creativity through a private consultation.
- Optional—Treasure Hunt Heritage Tour - £131 (HK$1,800). This four-hour personalized tour for up to four people indulges the curious side inherent in “monkeys” and explores the many cultural heritage sites of Hong Kong including the Western District, a region filled with artisans and herbalists that still resembles a traditional ancient Chinese city. 

Upgrades to one of the Langham Hotel, Hong Kong’s Concierge Club Rooms are available for an additional £58 (HK$800) a day. Guests in these rooms experience a “hotel within a hotel” with premium service and convenient access to all hotel services coordinated through the exclusive Concierge Club Lounge.

Upgrades to Club Suites or one of the hotel’s new Langham Suites are available for an additional £109 (HK$1,500) a day. The Langham Suites provide guests with high-tech features including a 37” Plasma TV, high-speed in-room broadband Internet connection and DVD surround sound home theater. The suites also feature the Langham Hotel’s new signature “yume” beds (meaning dream in Japanese).
The Langham Hotel, Hong Kong, a luxury hotel located in the heart of Kowloon’s lively Tsimshatsui district, is directly across the harbour from the glittering corporate towers of Central Hong Kong.  Stepping outside the Langham Hotel, guests will find themselves in a shopper’s paradise with the city’s best shopping complexes literally on the doorstep.  For the culturally inclined, the hotel overlooks the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Museum and the Hong Kong Space Museum.  From there, a promenade invites a long evening walk or morning jog.  The 488-room, full-service property has been fully renovated and upgraded over the past two years at a cost of US $35 million. 

For more details of the package or hotel reservations, please contact Langham Hotel at [email protected] or log on to