Radisson Hotel Checks in with TeleVideo

TeleVideo, Inc. (OTCBB:TELV) a pioneer in thin client computing, has been serving the hospitality market for over 20 years. The Radisson Hotel in San Jose, California is a four star hotel located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Catering to the business traveler, the Radisson Hotel selected TeleVideo`s TeleCLIENT TC7380 WinCE.net thin clients to meet the Internet access needs of their guests.

Installed in over 50% of the rooms, Radisson provides free Internet kiosks built with the TeleCLIENT TC7380 for web browsing and email. “By using TeleCLIENTS to provide free Internet access in our rooms, we are differentiated from other hotels in the area. Guests can now check stocks, news, weather and email by using the TeleCLIENTs. This has increased our occupancy during the downturn of our economy,” stated Lori Hwang, General Manager of the Radisson Hotel.
Along with providing a service to the hotel guests, TeleCLIENTs also lower the operating costs of the hotel. Without an IT department, the Radisson relied on costly consultants to maintain their PCs. “By choosing the TeleCLIENT TC7380 to be installed on every employee desk, we lower our IT costs by 50%, because all our files and applications are centralized on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server. When a technician is required, he is able to remotely administer and troubleshoot most issues,” stated Lori Hwang. “TeleVideo products have been synonymous in the hospitality industry and we are excited that our TeleCLIENT products are able to reduce costs and ensure quality service for the Radisson Hotel and guests,” said Dr. K. Hwang, Chairman, President and CEO of TeleVideo.
TeleVideo will be displaying the TeleCLIENT TC7380 and other thin clients at the Citrix Solutions Summit in Orlando, Florida on January 12 through January 14 at booth #19.
A pioneering Silicon Valley company, TeleVideo, Inc., began in 1975 as the innovator and market leader of smart text terminals. Today, TeleVideo continues to innovate by developing and manufacturing Windows-Based Thin Client hardware and software solutions. For more information, please visit www.televideo.com.