E-BESTHOTELS.com Offers Solution to Dollars Lost

PRNewswire PHOENIX Nov. 6 :

Forty-seven percent of all hotels` online market share is lost through
intermediary websites. That sobering statistic by travel consultant PhoCus
Wright is the reason behind E-BESTHOTELS.com, the perfect solution to help
drive reservations and revenue back to a hotel`s website.

E-BESTHOTELS.com provides an additional avenue for hoteliers to help drive
reservations back to their own branded website. Hotel operators can be
listed on the site for a low annual fee with no additional charges or
commissions. The site features a very easy navigational system that allows
users to click on the state, and then city, of the intended destination. A
list of participating hotels then populates the screen and consumers click
on the hotel of their choice and are seamlessly transferred directly into
that hotel`s own booking engine.
EMC Solutions, the company that developed E-BESTHOTELS.com assures hotel
owners that potential guests will know about the site because it`s
positioned within the top-10 placements and sponsored sections for
searches on such popular engines as Google and Yahoo. This means when a
consumer goes to one of these popular search engines and types such common
words as hotel or resort, E-BESTHOTELS.com will be one of the top options.

The site, set to launch in conjunction with the International Hotel/Motel
and Restaurant Show November 8, already has agreements from hotels
affiliated with established brands such as Hyatt, Hilton and Marriott. In
an effort to launch E-BESTHOTELS.com at IHM&RS all hotel personnel who
contact EMC Solutions at (480) 225-8489 prior to November 10, will receive
a complimentary listing on the site for one year.

“There is no risk whatsoever for all hotels to give the site a try and see
the savings for themselves, whether a small independent hotel and an
entire chain,” explains Evan Cover, president of EMC Solutions. “I truly
believe this service will help augment and enhance any hotel or resort`s
search engine strategy as people continue to use the Web with
ever-increasing frequency and ease.”


EMC Solutions, L.L.C. is a hospitality-industry specialist focusing on
innovative marketing efforts employing the latest technology for hotels
and resorts. It is run by hospitality industry veterans who are uniquely
situated to address hospitality-specific issues in this highly competitive
environment. They know the importance of marketing a hotel and have the
tools necessary to do so effectively. Contact EMC Solutions at
480-538-0854 or email [email protected] .

For further information, please contact: media, Carolyn Marion,
+1-602-369-8945, or for product information, Evan Cover, +1-480-538-0854,
both of EMC Solutions, L.L.C.