Scandic Appoints an Ambassador for the Disabled

In order to make life easier for disabled people travelling and staying at Scandic, Magnus Berglund has been appointed Ambassador for the Disabled, covering hotels in Sweden. The aim of the new post is primarily to provide advice and support for hotels
on how to make themselves more accessible.

This month, Magnus Berglund started work as Ambassador for the Disabled for Hilton and Scandic`s Swedish hotels.

Sweden has around 1 million disabled people, of whom almost 250,000 have impaired motor function and are of working age (Source: Statistics Sweden 2000). This, along with Scandic`s mission to be available to the majority, lies at the heart of the decisi
on to appoint an Ambassador for the Disabled. Scandic also naturally envisages increased earning potential in improving accessibility at our hotels.
“I`m glad that Magnus will be here to help us in our continued work on being the accessible company”,says Frank Fiskers, head of Hilton and Scandic in Sweden. We have a lot to learn. Magnus can help change the minor errors while also providing a great deal of knowledge and experience.

Magnus is himself disabled and he will have his dog Ada by his side, a rehabilitation dog from Solleftee. In addition to providing company, she helps Magnus with all his daily tasks and will also provide valuable assistance in his work. Both will be working from Hilton and Scandic`s Swedish head office