Best Rested Guests Are Impressed

The Inn at the Market staff is thanking its lucky stars that its fluffy fleet of Tempur-Pedic mattresses, now furnished in every King and Queen guest room, can`t fit into guests` luggage; If they did, they`d start disappearing like hotel towels. The ultra cushy beds, made of body-comforming, space age foam technology originating from NASA studies, have become heaven on earth for guests.

The modest 70-room Inn located in historic Pike Place Market got hip to the Tempur-Pedic tip after Front Office Manager Jon Bartlet raved to managers about a bed he tried while on vacation himself; He couldn`t stop talking about it. Since Inn at the Market staff constantly looks for new ways to make each guest`s stay more comfortable, they did a little research and decided to invest in these amazing beds.

Easily twice the cost of conventional spring-coiled mattresses (staff is tight-lipped on the total investment; let`s just say it`s a worthwhile luxury), the Tempur-Pedic system conforms to each individual`s body shape and promotes healthy sleeping habits. The viscoelastic sleep surface, perfected by Swedish sleep scientists in the 1980s, has converted many a bed-weary insomniac.

The brand “Tempur-Pedic” often evokes an instant “ah” or “oh,” followed by dreamy eyes and a look of envy. In a sea of everyday mattresses, the Inn`s stand-out Tempur-Pedic`s provide a welcome respite for guests. And with guests “floating” nightly on these little island oases, the Inn knows it won`t be forgotten at departure time (and that only the baggage carried is in guests` hands, not under their eyes!).

The Inn at the Market, constructed in 1985, is Seattle`s premier small hotel located in the historic Pike Place Market. Overlooking Elliott Bay and the Public Market, it is the preferred hotel for leisure and business travelers alike. Guests, locals and international travel media all rate Inn at the Market as one of the top choices for friendly and welcoming staff, attentive service, and terrific downtown Seattle location. Learn more online at or by calling the hotel at 206-443-3600.