Snowbird`s Cliff Lodge Offers Wireless Interne

After a day of skiing and riding Snowbird powder, guests at the resort`s Cliff Lodge may now log on to a high-speed wireless Internet connection in their room, any lodge meeting space, restaurants and poolside.

The NetWORLD Hotspot service covers each of the lodge`s 511 rooms using a wireless Internet card inserted in the user`s laptop or a computer provided by the lodge. Following a free trial period this fall, the service will cost $9.95 for a 24-hour period. The Cliff Lodge offers complimentary high-speed, desktop Internet access in its Level C Business Center.

“Snowbird is one of the first ski resorts in the country to offer high-speed wireless Internet,” said Snowbird Lodging Director Mark Wren. “The initial response from our lodging guests and meeting attendees has been very positive.”

With a wireless card inserted in a user`s laptop, signing on to NetWORLD`s Hotspot service is done through a browser similar to visiting any web address. Wireless internet - also known as “Wi-Fi” for wireless fidelity - transmits secure data using radio waves. NetWORLD has installed hardware in strategic locations within the Cliff Lodge to ensure a quality connection throughout the 556,000 square-foot property.
NetWORLD plans to launch a wireless connection infrastructure that will include 52 major Hotspots within the next 12 months. NetWORLD Hotspot services will be a bundled package with other services NetWORLD currently provides including dial-up, DSL, Hosting, Wireless and more.