Top-Rated Hotels Go to the Dogs

August 2003 (Newstream)—It`s the middle of August and summer travel season is in full swing. For many people, going on vacation has also meant being separated from their beloved dogs—and having to pay an expensive kennel to care for them. Until now. With 62 million Americans owning dogs these days, the hotel industry has started to address the need for canine accommodations—and started a whole new travel trend in the process.
Seventy-eight percent of dog owners say they think of their pets as family. Now, hotels around America are treating them as such, tailoring their services to a whole new breed of clientele. Hotels like the Westin, the W and the Sheraton are now catering to canines, complete with custom-designed doggie beds, plush robes, play toys and their own food and water bowls. Some hotels even offer massages for your dog`s aching bones and certain airlines are giving dogs their own frequent flier miles.
Having a good vacation means being able to relax. What better peace of mind can man get than having his best friend right there in the hotel bed next to him?