Unit Travel Card Launched for Consumers

PHOENIX—Traveling the globe just got easier with the launch of Best Western International’s new Unit Travel Card?. With the new Unit Travel Card guests simply purchase room units in advance and make reservations based on corresponding set room unit values. This makes the card the ideal gift for weddings, holidays or anniversaries because it can be used for planned and unplanned getaways at locations as varied as the Caribbean, Paris, Cancun or New York. This card is also a good gift idea when the value of a gift does not want to be disclosed, because the card is loaded with units, not dollars.
The Best Western Unit Travel Card can be used at all hotels in the US, Canada, South & Central America, South Africa, Asia and participating hotels in Europe. Cards can be purchased for $25 USD per unit. They apply to double occupancy accommodations and already include room related taxes at the hotel offering guests a better value. Some hotels offer rooms for as few as two units, but the rate can vary between two and nine units depending upon the location and season. To find individual hotel unit requirements, guests can visit www.travelcard.bestwestern.com or call 1-877-CARD-2TVL (227-3288) within the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean 1 800 232885 within Australia or ++ 800 22 73 28 85 within Europe and most other countries.

The Travel Card expires 12 months from date of issue or when the stored value of the card is used, except where prohibited by law. If reloaded prior to the depletion of its stored value, the Card`s expiration date will be extended 12 additional months. After twelve months, a one unit service fee will be deducted every 60 days from the remaining balance of a Unit Travel Card until depleted.

To kick off the program, anyone who purchases a Best Western Travel Card? between July 7 and Oct. 31, 2003 will receive a free upgrade coupon from AVIS Rent a Car. For every purchase $200 or more, the buyer receives a coupon for a third rental day free.

Unit cards can be purchased and online at www.travelcard.bestwestern.com or by calling 1-877-CARD-2TVL (227-3288). Travel Cards can be personalized with a unique message and shipped to the recipient, with the option of overnight delivery for orders received by 11 am MST. Nominal shipping rates may apply.

The launch of the Unit Card occurs just six months after the introduction of the Best Western Currency Travel Card. The currency card reached sales exceeding one million dollars in that short period of time and will continue to be a viable option for travelers.


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