Marriott Has 2600 Hotels on WorldRes

WorldRes, a leading online hotel reservation network, today announced that over 2,600 Marriott International (NYSE: MAR) hotels are now available and bookable on its entire network, including through a new XML link.
The XML link provides a direct connection to Marriott`s central reservation system, automatically updating hotel availability, rates and inventory for a seamless customer experience. It is also the first XML link between a hotel chain and a distributor, in accordance with the most current version of the Open Travel Alliance`s (OTA) XML standards for the travel industry.
“WorldRes continues to expand its technology in order to work with hotels and chains in ways that suit their individual needs, such as this Marriott XML link compliant with new industry standards,” said Don Smith, vice president of sales for WorldRes. “As one of the largest and oldest online hotel distribution networks, we understand how the hotel industry needs to work with partners for the long term. Through these efforts we have built our network to include more than 35,000 hotels around the world.”
Through the agreement, Marriott hotels are also bookable on the WorldRes network of leading travel Web sites such as AOL, Verizon SuperPages and Yahoo!
About WorldRes:
WorldRes is a leading online hotel reservation network with more than 35,000 properties. The network includes over 2,000 Web distribution partners, 450,000 travel agents and leading global distribution systems. WorldRes also owns and operates the consumer Web site Founded in 1995, WorldRes is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., with global offices in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

For more information on WorldRes XML hotel links, please contact Don Smith at [email protected]