ONHTEC Conference Schedule

The Online Hospitality Technology Exposition and Conference (ONHTEC) has scheduled the 2003-2004 dates for its online conference at www.onhtec.org. ONHTEC, produced by HFTP and Hsyndicate, aims to be the most comprehensive and trendsetting online conference and showcase of hospitality IT and distribution technology available on the Web. ONHTEC aims to provide knowledge and know-how to industry professionals at all levels of expertise. Sessions scheduled for ONHTEC are as follows:
July 16, 2003:
High Speed Internet Access—A Must Have?
What to look for when buying HSIA in hotels. A closer look at the benefits and opportunities of wireless applications. Can HSIA be considered as a sustainable revenue source or will HSIA become a standard amenity like the guest room TV?

August 13, 2003: Revenue Optimization in the Networked Age
Going Above and Beyond—Revenue Management in 2003, HITEC recording; What to look for when buying a yield management system; Industry expert talks about experience in using yield systems in an ASP model.

September 17, 2003: Safety & Security After 9/11
An overview of emerging technologies and their potential use in hotels; What to look for when buying security products; Have hotels changed their security policies and use of related technology after 9/11.

November 19, 2003: Business Case for a Technology Initiative!
This session will address how to build effective business cases that justify expenditures for technology initiatives and win the financial and human resources necessary for project success.

December 17, 2003: Online Distribution Revisited!
An overview of various applications and services that enable integration of enhanced online distribution with existing CRS and PMS systems; What are the tactics and strategies of multi-unit hotel corporations.


January 14, 2004: Do Hotels & Hot Spots Make a Good Couple?
Hot spots are proliferating in hotels around the world. To keep up with this trend, a wide range of companies are rushing to provide Wi-Fi services to business travelers who are seen as more likely than consumers to be willing to pay for wireless Internet access.

February 18, 2004: Deal With the Merchant Distribution Model!
Is the merchant model here to stay?; What`s the bottom line RevPAR impact for hotels in major destinations; What policies can hotels adopt in order to build a sustainable and profitable online distribution strategy?

March 17, 2004: Making CRM Useful in the Online Age
How much do hotel chains know about their online customers and how do they manage guest data for guests that book through online wholesalers? A look at innovative use of CRM data via online campaigns.

April 14, 2004:
New Tech-Tools for Clubs & Resorts
A close look at emerging technologies that are specifically developed for use by clubs and resorts. How do these technologies improve ROI and productivity in the complex surroundings of clubs and resorts?

May 19, 2004: Tomorrow`s Tech-Savvy Guestroom
What are the forces that drive change in the use of technology in hotel guest rooms? What`s a typical investment in technology for the upscale guest room and what ROI can hoteliers expect from these investments?

About the ONHTEC Exhibition - ONHTEC®, a co-production by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals® and Hsyndicate, aims to become the most comprehensive and trendsetting online conference & showcase of hospitality IT & distribution technology available on the web. Starting from October 2002, ONHTEC ® will provide quarterly scheduled online conferences geared around pertinent trends in hospitality technology. ONHTEC ® aims to provide knowledge & know-how to industry professionals at all levels of expertise. For more information about the conference, please go to the ONHTEC web site at www.onhtec.com. For more information about the exposition, please contact Lance Peterson at [email protected] or (512) 249-5333 x20.


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