Cendant Unveils Voyager 2

Cendant Travel Distribution Services, a division of Cendant Corporation (NYSE:CD), today announced that it has successfully delivered the first phase of its ‘Next Generation Seamless` program for its hotel and travel clients via the first of four leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Through its Voyager 2.0 Central Reservation System (CRS) platform, hosted and operated by Trust International, key European clients such as SRS-WorldHotels, Small Luxury Hotels and Mövenpick Hotels already have use of the program on Amadeus. The remaining three GDS companies including Cendant-owned Galileo International, which will be introducing Next Generation Seamless through an enhanced new high-speed connection, will have the program implemented in the coming months.
A market leader and full-service solutions provider to the entire travel industry, Cendant`s Next Generation Seamless connectivity provides travel bookers with more accurate rate and room availability information and enhanced search capability through the Voyager CRS. In addition to real-time accuracy, Next Generation Seamless also provides shoppers with information, including rate ranges for multiple properties in a single search, which has never been available through a GDS until now.

“This is a critical step for the hospitality industry and we are pleased that Cendant`s Voyager CRS is able to provide us with this service,” said Claudia Hammerstein, vice president of operations at SRS-WorldHotels. “Not only will it help us significantly boost our bookings, but it will also help to increase our bottom line results as well.”

With this new level of real-time connectivity, travel agent requests for, availability and rates will be more accurate by interfacing directly through the hotels` CRS reservation system - in this case Voyager 2.0 - resulting in more enhanced efficiency and accuracy of service. “In today`s economic environment, it is more important than ever to offer the best possible service to travel agents, and Next Generation Seamless enables direct access to accurate rates and room availability. The increased accuracy and availability of information can only lead to stronger relationships and enhanced loyalty between travel bookers and hotel groups that adopt this technology and we`re proud Voyager 2.0 is able to help facilitate this process.” said Michael W. McCormick, senior vice president, Cendant Travel Distribution Services` Hospitality & Leisure Services group. “Hotel groups that have taken advantage of the ‘true next generation seamless` are already benefiting tremendously from increased bookings and revenue due to better data integrity and enhanced information displays.”
Cendant`s Travel Distribution Services Division is one of the world`s largest and most geographically diverse collections of travel distribution businesses. The division, employing some 5,000 people in more than 110 countries, includes: Galileo, a leading global distribution system (GDS) serving more than 47,000 travel agencies and over 51,000 hotels; hotel distribution and services businesses (Trust, THOR, WizCom); leading travel agencies, including Cheap Tickets and Lodging.com; Shepherd Systems an airline market intelligence company; and Highwire, a corporate travel booking company.

TRUST International, (www.trustinternational.com), is subsidiary of Cendant Travel Distribution Services. It develops and implements state-of-the-art central reservation systems, providing tailor-made, real-time reservations and global distribution solutions for the hospitality industry. TRUST services include private label telephone lines, connectivity to all Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and various Web sites and Internet platforms. The company operates Global Communication Call Centers, Orlando, Singapore and in its head offices in Frankfurt serving 36 countries in 16 languages.