Organisation of Accor Hotels

At the beginning of the year, Accor adopted a multibrand,
geographical operating organisation at the worldwide level. At the same time,
international expertise and support services were brought together and simplified.
A transition period was planned for Accor Hotels in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
This period has come to an end with the decisions presented below.
This adaptation of the organisations has become even more necessary due to rapid
changes and uncertainty in our environment. It is based on the management and sales
tools developed by” Accor 2000
“, the hotel skills of our employees and the strength of
our brands and our products. With a view to efficiency and savings, it will pool all our
resources with managers closer to the field.
In the Europe-Africa-Middle East region, as everywhere in the world, three priorities
have become imperative for Accor: the need to cut costs, increase market share and
enhance competencies.
André Martinez, member of the Management Board, will assume operating
responsibility for Accor Hotels, from Formule 1 to Sofitel (excluding the Leisure
In France, he will be supported by:
- Bruno Coudry and Jean-Luc Motot (Formule 1 and Etap Hotel)
- Jean-Paul Philippon (Ibis)
- Christian Achard (Mercure and Novotel)
In other countries of the Europe - Africa - Middle-East region:
Jean-Louis Claveau takes responsibility of Accor Hotels in Spain, Portugal and
Michael Flaxman is heading Accor Hotels in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, as
well as Central and Eastern Europe.
André Witschi, will be in charge of operations in Germany.
The franchises for all brands are under the responsibility of Daniel Vrancx who is
continuing to assume his operating duties in the Middle East.
Claude Moscheni, advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board, will oversee,
until the end of the year, Sofitel management in Europe, Africa and the Middle East,
taking into account the specific features of Sofitel and recent investments in the brand.
Under his management, Agnès Bourguignon, will be in charge of Sofitel in France.
A special assignment has been given to Patrick Scicard, Chairman of Len™tre, to
further improve the image and performance of Sofitel restaurants at a selection of
European and international hotels.
Until the end of the year,Claude Moscheni will also pursue overseeing Africa with
Jean-Paul Lespinasse, as well as the development of Suitehotel, headed by Olivier
In addition to these operating decisions, the following appointments have been made
for Accor Hotels in Europe, Africa and the Middle East:
- Evelyne Chabrot, Human Resources,
- Marie-Laure Deligarde, Legal Affairs,
- Christophe Guillemot, Administration and Finance,
- Olivier Weill, in charge of projects and communication.
Besides, Marco Pimentel is appointed head of Marketing for Accor Hotels - from
Formule 1 to Sofitel -, reporting to Serge Ragozin, General Manager for International
This organisation will take effect on July 1, 2003. In the meantime, each manager will
finalise his or her organisational structure in compliance with the regulations in force in
each country.