Hilton Launch Wireless Internet

Hilton Hotels & Resorts announced plans today to install high-speed wireless Internet access at nearly 50 Hilton-brand hotels and resorts in major metropolitan areas throughout North America within the next 30 days (list attached). This initiative is the first stage of what is expected to be a system-wide rollout of high-speed Internet access in Hilton`s 230 full-service properties across the U.S., Canada and Mexico in the coming months.
The wireless Internet access points will be located in hotel lobbies, lounges, restaurants and public areas and complement the existing high-speed wired Internet infrastructure already available in guestrooms at these Hilton hotels.
“From cellular phones and PDAs to an exciting new level of laptop computer technology, today`s travelers want and need the tools to be more productive. They want the flexibility to communicate quickly and conveniently, without being hampered by slow connections,” said Robert E. Dirks, senior vice president - brand management and marketing for Hilton Hotels & Resorts. “Hilton`s new high-speed Internet access initiative empowers a growing number of our hotel guests and meeting attendees with the mobility they`re looking for - from the ability to connect to the Internet to sending e-mail and accessing their company`s virtual private networks without any major reconfiguration of their mobile computer devices.”
The systemwide installation of high-speed wired and wireless technology is a progressive step in Hilton`s longstanding tradition of offering and introducing innovative new services to travelers when they need it most. Hilton and Intel® Corporation are working together on an extensive marketing campaign to drive awareness of Wi-Fi (802.11b) hotspots, where wireless LAN capable notebook computer users can connect to the Internet and corporate networks wirelessly.
Hilton Hotels & Resorts Launches Wireless High-Speed Internet Access
Intel Centrino? mobile technology, featuring integrated wireless LAN capability, is being introduced later this week. The Intel Centrino mobile technology brand represents Intel`s best technology for mobile computing and is designed to enable an unwired computing experience while enabling extended battery life and outstanding mobile performance in thinner and lighter form factors.
“As people from all walks of life begin to experience the speed and flexibility of this new way to connect and communicate with business associates as well as family members when on the road, we look forward to deploying this exciting new level of high-speed Internet service in cities big and small across the Hilton system,” Dirks added.
Hilton`s high-speed Internet service will be fully compatible with Intel Centrino mobile technology as well as additional 802.11b mobile devices - including other wireless LAN-capable laptop computers, tablet PCs and PDAs that operate on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux operating systems.
Signage will be located in the Hilton hotel public areas that identifies where wireless high-speed Internet access points are available. By following a simple set of on-screen instructions from their Internet connection application, guests will be able to surf wirelessly on the Web at Hilton Hotels & Resorts at speeds of up to 50 times faster than a dial-up connection. Just as important, the service will be backed by a 24-hour, toll-free customer support line that will be available for all users.
Hilton International Co., a subsidiary of London-based Hilton Group plc that operates Hilton full-service hotels in more than 70 countries and shares a worldwide alliance with U.S.-based Hilton Hotels Corporation, has recently announced a partnership with British Telecom to launch wireless high-speed Internet access hotspots in nearly 40 hotels across the United Kingdom. This move by both Hilton companies increases the total number of number of locations offering this service to approximately 100 Hilton hotels and resorts worldwide this Spring.