Can`t Get Kylie Out of their Heads

Thinking of Kylie Minogue is the top way for men to stay awake in business meetings, according to new research from leading hotel chain, Holiday Inn. By contrast, women are more level headed, relying on coffee and sleeping well the night before.

The research, commissioned by Holiday Inn, surveyed British business people to find out current behaviour and attitude in meeting rooms across the country. Not unsurprisingly, Londoners blame the traffic as the biggest cause of lateness to a meeting, whilst the rest of the UK blames pet emergencies and sick children.

The research also revealed some risqué ways people pass the time. Imagining everyone else in the room naked and playing footsie under the table were popular choices for both men and women. It seems that we are nation of game players in meetings too with the latest trend being wink murder. Jargon bingo, texting humorous messages to other people in the meeting and using irrelevant words, such as toupee and aardvark, are also common forms of entertainment in meetings.

Commenting on the research, Emma Doggart, spokesperson for Holiday Inn, said: “The online survey has given us an invaluable insight into the way people view meetings and what prevents them from being ready for business. Given the vast number of meetings taking place in our hotels everyday, it is no surprise that men and women have come up with some quite ingenious ways to stay awake, excuse their lateness or pass the time in meetings.”

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