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Hotel Group of the Year Award

Millennium and Copthorne Hotels has been awarded the prestigious title ‘Hotel Group of the Year’ by the RAC.

This is the first time in the RAC’s history that this significant honour has been presented.

The RAC Awards Committee commented that Millennium Hotels and Resorts set the highest quality of international standards in the hotel and hospitality industry throughout 2002 and that the group not only met, but often exceeded the exceptional standards demanded by today’s travellers.
The RAC chose Millennium Hotels and Resorts as ‘Hotel Group of the Year’ using the quality grading system based on their inspectors’ overnight stays at the hotels and their subsequent reports. Hotel groups were then nominated by the inspectors to the RAC Awards Committee who took the final decision on the award. Based on the consistently excellent reports from inspectors who visited various properties in the group, the awards committee chose Millennium Hotels and Resorts as the first ever recipient of the Hotel Group of the Year accolade.
An inspector’s assessment is rigorous and everything about a hotel and its staff is monitored. Beginning from the moment that the inspector calls the hotel, the RAC take into account levels of customer service, cleanliness, quality of food, décor of the building and facilities offered to guests.

Tony Potter, Chief Operating Officer of Millennium Hotels and Resorts, said: ‘The RAC is a world renowned and well respected organisation. To be named by them as ‘Hotel Group of the Year’ is an extremely prestigious honour. Millennium Hotels and Resorts continually strives to set new levels of service for the hotel industry, both in the UK and internationally, and it is hugely gratifying that this has been recognised by the RAC. We will continue to work hard to achieve the same high standards globally in 2003.’
Linda Astbury, RAC Hotel Services Development Manager, said: ‘Millennium Hotels and Resorts is consistently setting new standards of customer service and establishing best practice in the UK and Ireland hospitality industry.’