Appointments to Accor`s Management

Accor`s Supervisory Board has just nominated the
Management Board, for a term of three years, pursuant to the Company`s Articles of
Incorporation. Excepted Sven Boinet about whom Accor had informed in September
2002 that he would be leaving upon expiry of his term of office, the members of the
former Management Board have been reconfirmed.
Jean-Marc Espalioux has been reappointed Chairman of the Management Board and
CEO. In this capacity he shall preside over the Management Board and coordinate its
activity. He shall also be directly responsible for those activities and duties not
expressly assigned to the members of the Management Board.
At the proposal of Jean-Marc Espalioux, the Supervisory Board made the following
- Benjamin Cohen has been appointed Executive Vice-Chairman of the Management
Board, in charge of Finance and hotel development, Leisure, Tourism, Casinos and
- John Du Monceau has been appointed Senior Vice-Chairman of the Management
Board, in charge of Services, Human Resources and Sustainable Development. His
responsibilities also include on-board train services of La Compagnie des Wagons-Lits.
- André Martinez has been appointed to the Management Board and shall be
responsible for Economy Hotels in Europe. In the course of 2003, his duties shall be
extended to include responsibility for Accor hotel operations in Europe, Africa and
the Middle East.
Jean-Marc Espalioux, Benjamin Cohen and John Du Monceau were respectively
Chairman of the Accor Management Board and Management Board members since
January 1997. Prior to this appointment, André Martinez was Managing Director of
Economy hotel operations.
Jean-Marc Espalioux also made the following appointments:
- Claude Moscheni was made Hotel Operations Advisor to the Chairman of the
Management Board. He shall retain his current duties as General Manager
Business and Leisure hotel operations, until the reorganization of European,
African and Middle-East hotel operations described above.
- Serge Ragozin is the new Managing Director of Accor Hotel Global Services. He
shall be responsible for marketing, sales, purchasing, construction, maintenance,
the Internet, information technology and new technologies. He will report to the
Chairman of the management Board.
- Jacques Stern, who was previously Deputy Chief Financial Officer, was appointed
Group Chief Financial Officer and will report to Benjamin Cohen, Executive Vice-Chairman
of the Management Board.
With 147,000 associates in 140 countries, Accor is the European leader and one of the
world`s largest groups in travel, tourism and corporate services, with two major
international activities:
- hotels: 3,833 hotels (441,203 rooms) in 90 countries, casinos, travel agencies, and
- services to corporate clients and public institutions: each day, 13 million people in
32 countries use a broad range of services (food vouchers, people care and
services, incentive, loyalty programs, events) engineered and managed by Accor.