Six Continents Roll Out Technology Solution

Six Continents Hotels, Inc. (, the world’s most global hotel company, continues to move forward with the system-wide rollout of its “Integrated Technology Solution.” This three-part, integrated suite of hotel technology upgrades is designed to drive incremental revenue and reduce costs at more than 3,300 franchised and company-owned hotels worldwide.

The advanced, fully integrated solution encompasses central reservations, property management and revenue management functions. This new set of tools will allow sophisticated inventory set-up and controls, automated yield management to distribute all rates to all channels and the ability to be more flexible with pricing.

“The whole purpose of investing in this ‘Integrated Technology Solution’ is to drive incremental revenue at all Six Continents Hotels properties,” said Doug Lewis, chief information officer and executive vice president, Six Continents Hotels. “This system is unmatched in the hotel industry and positions Six Continents Hotels and all our franchise owners for growth, ensuring our ability to capture the right guest at the right rate at the right time.”

The newest version of HIRO, the revenue management system, is a computing system designed to turn information and data into revenue increases. A more reliable HIRO platform means increased accuracy and efficiency. Six Continents Hotels, has replaced arcane coding with a Windows/Internet look and feel via a graphical user interface that makes it faster and simpler to use.

HOLIDEXPlus, a new, advanced central reservation system, allows all Six Continents Hotels properties to provide detailed descriptions of their properties, rates and promotions to the various Global Distribution Systems and travel Web sites. HOLIDEXPlus gives hotel managers greater flexibility in designing and distributing promotion packages, in real time, to meet customer needs. HOLIDEXPlus was implemented at the more than 140 InterContinenal hotels worldwide in August 2002, with the remainder of Six Continents Hotels’ brands set to join the HolidexPlus system by 2003.


Six Continents Hotels is rolling out two new property management systems that are fully integrated with HOLIDEXPlus and HIRO. Pegasus Central, designed for limited service hotels, and Opera, designed for full service hotels and resorts, are Windows-based applications that allow easier and more complete access to guest information on one screen. These systems provide a better check-in experience for guests, shorter training times for hotel staff and automated auditing and reporting for managers.

“Feedback from franchise owners and general managers has been extremely positive with hotel satisfaction survey scores climbing at properties where the Integrated Technology Solution has been deployed,” said Lewis. “Topping the list of benefits is the new systems’ ease of use, translating into faster and better employee training, and the total integration of all three components.”

All new Six Continents Hotels properties will open with the Integrated Technology Solution. Conversion of existing hotels in the Americas is now underway, with the majority of hotels worldwide to be transitioned to the new system by 2006.