Orbitz Releases New Features

Get the best picks with one click! Orbitz, the travel site that made it easy to find low airfares, today announced new features making it equally simple to shop online for great hotel deals. Orbitz introduced the industry`s first “Hotel Matrix Display,” providing the web`s most comprehensive snapshot of a city`s lowest available lodging rates, including new OrbitzSaver deals saving travelers up to 75 percent.

And, enhancing the website`s industry-leading flight search features, Orbitz has added more “low fare” tips that guide travelers to the best available fares and alert them when they`ve found truly great deals.

“Consumers tell us that when they shop for travel online they want low prices, speedy tools and improved usability, and that`s especially true for booking hotels,” said Michael Sites, Orbitz Vice President for Product Marketing. “With our new Hotel Matrix Display, users can view all the best hotel options at a glance, with one simple click, once again establishing Orbitz as the leader in effortless travel booking.”

When evaluating lodging options, consumers want to compare more than just room rates; quality, location and amenities are equally important factors in their decisions. But too often, the hotel shopping experience can be more confusing and time-consuming than enlightening. The need to do multiple searches, and endless scrolling and clicking can frustrate consumers, and even then they`re not sure they found the best choices to suit their needs.

Eliminating the guesswork and frustration, Orbitz searches more than 70,000 hotel properties to find the lowest available rates in just seconds and the Hotel Matrix Display shows all the best options on an easy-to-read grid, sorted by price, quality and proximity to an airport, city center, or other location designated by the user.


Never before has so much information about hotel options and prices been collected and shown on a single page. Orbitz Hotel Matrix Display facilitates quick, side-by-side comparison of the lowest rates across a range of quality categories and neighborhoods, so users can quickly find a hotel with the right amenities in a preferred location at an attractive price.

“The introduction of the Orbitz Matrix Display, made possible by our advanced, built-for-the-Internet technology platform, was a generational leap forward in ease of use for booking airline tickets and rental cars,” said Alex Zoghlin, Orbitz Chief Technology Officer. “Now, Orbitz is the first travel website to provide a comprehensive, price-comparison tool for hotel bookers too. Our revolutionary Hotel Matrix Display makes Orbitz the definitive site for finding outstanding hotel deals.”

Orbitz is introducing the following new features for air and hotel bookings on Orbitz.com:

Hotel Matrix Display:
With the new Hotel Matrix Display, it`s never been easier for consumers to research, compare and book hotels online. Consumers simply enter their travel dates and destination and hit the search button. The Hotel Matrix Display offers a fast, comprehensive view of lowest rates in their destination city, conveniently organized by hotel quality (sorted by star rating), and distance from the user`s designated location (either an address or neighborhood). Users can customize their searches to their needs and interests by specifying certain hotels or chains, locations (by address or neighborhood name), quality (1 to 5-star rating, from budget to luxury), and amenities (such as pool, health club or concierge).

Orbitz.com is offering consumers even bigger savings on hotel rates with discounts of up to 75 percent. In addition to its large inventory of low, web-only rates, Orbitz now has thousands of OrbitzSaver rates at premium properties in destinations across the country, providing great deals to consumers willing to pay for their lodging in advance of travel. Eye-catching blue arrows designate the site`s growing selection of attractive OrbitzSavers.

Expanded Search Tips:
Orbitz has also implemented new flight search features to give consumers even greater confidence that they have found a bargain. Now, during every fare search, Orbitz` powerful technology does a second search behind the scenes, calculating the average fare on that route over the past 30 days. If the search finds a fare that meets or beats the 30-day average fare in the market, Orbitz will alert the consumer with a tip to let them know they`ve found a good deal. In addition, Orbitz will alert travelers with a “low-fare tip” whenever a lower available fare can be found at an alternate airport or a different travel time.

Seat Maps:
Orbitz is providing travelers with more control over their seat assignments when they book air travel on Orbitz.com. Orbitz has introduced seat maps making it simple for travelers to select seats for themselves and traveling companions after purchasing a ticket.

About Orbitz:
Orbitz is a leading online travel company offering consumers the widest selection of low airfares, as well as deals on lodging, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages. Orbitz makes finding low fares and great deals easier through a state-of the-art flight search engine that scans more than 455 airlines and the Orbitz Matrix Display that provides an unbiased and comprehensive listing of airfares and other rates. Orbitz also offers the largest collection of discounted web-only airfares and low-priced hotel web rates. For more information, visit www.orbitz.com.