Omni Hotels Unveils Seamless Reservations System, Reinforces Commitment To Travel Agent Market

Omni Hotels announced today it has upgraded its entire reservations system to a seamless environment. The new, seamless system enables reservation agents both within and outside the company to book hotel reservations based on the most accurate and up-to-date rooms information available. The end result is an easier, more efficient and faster booking process for reservations.

Omni Hotels, in conjunction with Pegasus Systems, Inc., the leading electronic distribution switch company for the hospitality industry, now provides an enhanced reservations system with a seamless interface between the company`s central reservations system and the travel industry`s global distribution systems (GDS) - such as Sabre, Galileo and Worldspan - from which travel management professionals operate worldwide. The new seamless environment also includes the company`s on-line reservations system at, as well as the Internet-based reservations system TravelWeb.

“Our investment in technology is significant,” says Omni Hotels President Jim Caldwell. “Our individual hotel databases are now upgraded, along with our central reservations system. In addition, we installed a new company-wide property management and state-of-the-art revenue management system. With these new systems in place, we were able to create a seamless reservations environment with our worldwide travel partners; one that is more efficient, accurate and user-friendly. Our Omni Hotels reservations agents love the new system and our travel partners are already commenting on how much they enjoy the new seamless environment.”

A night and day contrast compared to the old system, travel agents today can look directly into Omni Hotels` reservations database and view real-time rate, room type and availability information that is broader in detail and more concise. Travel professionals can also view published and special negotiated rates up-to-the-minute, as well as confirm specifichotel room types.

A by-product of the new seamless reservations environment, GDS help desks are reporting that the speed and response time of Omni Hotels` new system is one of the fastest in the industry.


To celebrate the company`snew seamless reservations system and promote the system to the travel agency market, Omni Hotels has declared Nov. 17, 1999, “Seamless Day.” Business travel sales managers throughout the company will be calling on travel agencies in 20 markets and distributing “Seamless Day” sewing kits. The event will reinforce Omni Hotels` commitment to the travel agency market by providing a seamless reservations environment, reinforcing the company`s stance on maintaining rate integrity across all distribution channels, including the Internet, and supporting 10 percent commission payments for travel agents.

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