Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. Announces Favourable Fixed Rate Refinancing Of Debt

Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. (Nasdaq: HUMP) today announced its recent closing on a secured mortgage loan with Marquette Capital Bank, N.A. and Bremer Bank, National Association, modifying its existing loan with them.  The new loan agreement extends the term of the loan for 3 years and fixes the interest rate for the period at 8.81%.  Paul Schulte commented, “We are pleased with this new loan agreement which allows us to fix the rate for the next three years and gives us some protection against rising interest rates. Over 78% of Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. long term debt is currently fixed.”

Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. is a self-advised real estate investment trust specializing in limited-service lodging.  The company owns 87 hotels in 19 midwestern and eastern states. More information on Humphrey Hospitality can be found at