Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. Completes Sale Of Wytheville Hotel

Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. (Nasdaq/National Market: HUMP) today announced that on June 23, 1999, the company completed the sale of its Rodeway Inn in Wytheville, VA. The property was sold for $1.45 Million and the company used the proceeds of the sale to pay down debt.

Humphrey Hospitality Trust, Inc. is a self-advised real estate investment trust headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, which owns twenty-five hotels located in nine eastern states. Humphrey Hospitality Trust just recently announced a merger agreement with Supertel Hospitality, Inc., (Nasdaq/National Market: SPPR) and if approved by shareholders and closed, the combined company will own 88 hotels in 19 mid-western and eastern states.

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