Sebastián Escarrer Named As Member Of The Board Of Directors Of The Spanish Committee Of The Interna

The Vice President of the Spanish hotel company Sol Meliá, Sebastián Escarrer Jaume, has been named as a member of the Spanish Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The appointment of Escarrer took place during the General Assembly of the International Chamber of Commerce in April and has been supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera due to the fact that the Sol Meliá headquarters in the Balearic Islands.

The main objective of the International Chamber of Commerce, represented by all of the world`s most important exporters and chambers of commerce, is the promotion of the defence of free international trade.

The organisation focuses its efforts on ensuring that national authorities avoid introducing measures that would result in restrictive practises that would have negative effects on free world trade and trade development.

In this respect, it should be recalled that the International Court of Arbitration, the body with legislative power on the subject, depends directly upon the International Chamber of Commerce.


For Sol Meliá, as a figurehead of the Spanish tourism industry, the appointment implies a clear recognition of the role that the tourism industry has played and will continue to play in the development of the world economy.

In this respect, Sebastián Escarrer has admitted that one of his priorities will be “to increase the degree of recognition of tourism as a major factor in the development of many countries, while at the same time promoting the Tourism Commission within the framework of the International Chamber of Commerce”.