RF Hotels Changes Its Name To “Rocco Forte Hotels”

Sir Rocco Forte today announced that he was renaming his luxury hotel company, RF Hotels, to “Rocco Forte Hotels” with immediate effect.

Sir Rocco said, “We had originally planned to call ourselves Rocco Forte Hotels when we established the company in 1996. Although there were no trademark problems with this, we were advised that the laws on `passing off` meant we should delay this until there was no danger of us being confused with other hotels trading in the luxury sector under the Forte name. We have probably now developed a clear enough image for our own company for this to no longer be a constraint, but the fact that the Forte name is no longer being used in our sector puts the issue beyond doubt.

“The RF Hotels name and logo have already developed a strong following in several of our key markets and the change of logo is an evolution which retains that goodwill whilst communicating more clearly my personal involvement in the business.”

Paul McManus, President & Chief Executive Officer of The Leading Hotels of the World commented from New York, “Sir Rocco is one of the best known and most respected luxury hoteliers in the world and associating his name more directly with his hotels will create a very valuable brand. RF Hotels has made remarkable progress in a short period of time and this development will further help with the company`s growth.”

The hotels will continue to trade under their own names and will have individual styles reflecting their history, location and nationality. The Rocco Forte Hotels brand will be an endorsement which links the collection together and guarantees the core values of prime locations; stylish interiors overseen by Sir Rocco`s sister, Olga Polizzi; superior accommodation and in-room facilities; the latest technology and conference facilities; fine cuisine; health and fitness centres, where space permits; and - above all - the highest levels of personalised service.