Marriott`s Sales Outside The U.S. Increase 35% In 1998

Continuing its decade-long record of generating double-digit sales growth, Marriott International (NYSE/MAR) reported that sales generated through its Worldwide Sales Offices increased 34.9% over 1997. All offices contributed to this robust performance.

Reservations made through the computerized reservations systems continued strong as bookings made through this distribution channel by travel agents outside the United States and Canada rose 33.2 percent over 1997. While all of Marriott`s Worldwide Sales Offices reported increases in electronic bookings during the year, the largest gains were registered by Frankfurt at 83.3 percent; London at 44.3 percent; Latin America (Miami) at 30.8 percent, Sydney at 30.7 percent and the Middle East at 28.5 percent. At the same time, reservations made through more traditional avenues, such as toll-free telephone numbers, continued strong.

Warren Ruello, vice president-international sales, attributed Marriott`s strong performance due to the addition of the Renaissance and New World brands to our lodging system which underscored the power of cross-brand marketing. He also pointed the overall expansion of the Marriott lodging system, in which a net total of 176 properties (27,800 rooms) were added to the portfolio in 1998, improved, more easily-accessible distribution channels coupled with strengthening relationships in the travel industry.

With more product in the marketplace, we are able to meet the needs of more customers, he added.

Results for all the Marriott Worldwide Sales Offices for 1998 are as follows:


- Frankfurt—up 16.4 percent
- Hong Kong—up 3,254.5 percent
- London—up 28 percent
- Mexico City—up 19.5 percent
- Miami (Latin America)—up 47 percent
- Middle East—up 35.8 percent
- Sydney—up 20.9 percent
- Tokyo—up 63.7 percent

At yearned, the Marriott lodging system encompassed 1,686 properties totaling 324,400 hotel rooms and 3,900 timesharing villas. An additional 200 hotels (approximately 30,000 rooms) are scheduled to open during 1999.