Renaissance Hotels & Resorts And Ramada International To Be Added To Marriott`s Travel Agency Commis

Beginning July 23, Renaissance Hotels & Resorts and Ramada International Hotels and Resorts will be integrated into Marriott`s travel agency commission statements.

As a result of the integration, travel agent commissions on reservations at Renaissance and Ramada International hotels will be paid weekly through Marriott`s centralized commission payment program. Travel agents who book any of these hotels worldwide will now be paid by either Marriott`s Centralized Travel Agency Commission (CTAC) or via the Hotel Clearing Corporation (HCC). In addition, agents will receive commissions in local currencies for hotel bookings in their respective countries. There will be a $3 nominal charge for any cross-currency bookings to cover the conversion expenses.

By rolling in Renaissance and Ramada International into our commission payment program we are now global, said Bruce Wolff, senior vice president of distribution sales and marketing. The integration also simplifies the work for the travel agency. They are receiving one check for booking any one of Marriott`s 10 lodging brands.

It is intended that Renaissance Hotels and Resorts and Ramada International Hotels & Resorts will participate in Marriott`s Double Commission Guarantee program beginning in the fourth quarter. The guarantee states that travel agents will receive double commission owed on individual commissionable transient reservations if the commission check is not issued within 15 days of the guest`s departure. All travel agencies participating in HCC will be paid double the commission owed if Marriott does not provide HCC with the appropriate information within 15 business days.

According to Wolff, travel agents who book any Renaissance or Ramada International hotel will receive the benefits of Marriott`s Travel agency Services Desk, assistance with commission inquiries, status of reservations, etc., and the GDS Operations Group, to load negotiated rates for Marriott`s 10 lodging brands and answer any related questions.


Travel agencies in the U.S. can contact either the help desk by calling 1-800-831-1000. Outside the U.S., travel agencies should contact the local Marriott worldwide sales office or general sales agent.