Raintree Resorts Launch Vacation Club

Raintree Resorts International, through their subsidiary Club Regina, one of the most prestigious multi-destination vacation clubs in Mexico and North America, announced today the launch of a new state of the art vacation product: Raintree Vacation Club Enhanced by RCI Points, which will increase the benefits currently offered by the club. By affiliating with RCI Points system, Raintree Resorts International will be able to offer a new enhanced product to its members, with a wider variety of national and international destinations.

RCI Points is an innovative exchange system that provides timeshare owners with greater flexibility. RCI Points can be used to exchange for vacation accommodations of varying lengths at any RCI-affiliated resort around the world, as well as to acquire various travel products, such as airfare, cruises, and rental cars, among others.

This novel exchange concept was launched by RCI in 2000 in response to the fast-changing timeshare industry and travel trends of its members and prospects, with more than 70 percent of its members looking for more flexibility in vacation exchange.

Gustavo Ripol, managing director of Club Regina and Raintree Vacation Club, said, “From the beginning, the relationship between RCI and Raintree has been exceptionally productive. RCI is an excellent partner; in addition to the support provided by their wonderful vacation exchange product, they have enriched us with technical support and RCI Resort Management. Now, by incorporating RCI Points into our system, RCI has become even more of a strategic partner.”

John Paul Nichols, president and managing director of RCI Latin America and Caribbean, underlined the following: “Raintree Resorts International is a leading timeshare provider in Latin America because it has always been in the vanguard, offering new and improved services to its members. Its adoption of RCI Points is a reflection of the trust Raintree Resorts International has in all the products and services that we at RCI offer to our resorts.”


“RCI Points is the most flexible product in the vacation ownership industry. The decision made by Raintree Resorts International to affiliate its Raintree Vacation Club Program with RCI Points is clear evidence of the extraordinary value and versatility of our points-based exchange product,” emphasized John Paul Nichols.

Raintree Resorts International, through their subsidiary in Mexico, Club Regina, has had a long and successful relationship with RCI, dating back to 1993, when Club Regina affiliated its first resort with RCI`s vacation ownership exchange system. Today, RCI has more than 27,000 active members through Raintree Vacation Club, with more than 26 RCI-affiliated resorts in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. RCI Resort Management, among other services, has operated all reservations functions, maintenance fee collection, and financing services for the Club.

With this launch, the two companies will continue to support their mutual members by providing additional and enhanced services, furthering their long-term relationship.