Preliminary Results For The Year Ended 30th April 2001


* Pre-tax profits increased by 11.3% to €55.71 million (2000: €50.04million)
* Turnover up 15% to €252.15 million (2000: €219.01 million)

* Earnings per share is €77.7c, an increase of 13.8% (2000: €68.3c)

* EPS pre-goodwill amounted to €82.6c up 12%
* Total dividend for the year of IR15.65p per share, an increase of 15.9%
* Development of Stg£17.9 million Jurys Inn Newcastle announced
* Disposal of Park Hotel, Birmingham, part of acquired Chamberlain Hotels Group, for Stg£8.25 million      
Mr Pat McCann, Chief Executive, Jurys Doyle Hotel Group plc, said:

“We had a very active year and maintained our strong position in the domestic market.  The impact of foot and mouth disease which although negative, was not significant due to our strategy of developing hotels and inns in geographically diverse, busy city centre locations.  This ensures that we are not over exposed in any one geographic or segmental market.


p>Our three hotels in Washington DC performed very well, contributing 12% of Group profits.  In the UK we had a very active year.  In line with our corporate strategy, we expanded our inns brands in headline cities with strong year round trade.  Today’s announcement of the development of Jurys Inn Newcastle is an integral element of that strategy, which combined with the acquisition and opening of our Birmingham Inn and the opening of Jurys Inn Croydon in early next year significantly extends our portfolio.  In all, the UK now accounts for 43% of Group Profits and our total bedroom stock in that market stands at 2,873 rooms.