Intrawest Announces Redemption Of Non-Resort Preferred Shares

Intrawest today announced that it will redeem 970,000 of its non-resort preferred (“NRP”) shares on April 1, 2001 by payment of $2.65 per share for each NRP share to be redeemed. The number of NRP shares to be redeemed represents approximately 15% of the outstanding NRP shares.

Shareholders will be sent a notice of redemption and instructions on the method by which their shares will be redeemed. The company will redeem NRP shares held by holders of record at the close of business on April 1, 2001.

Intrawest Corporation`s non-resort preferred shares are traded on The Toronto Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

For additional information, contact Mr. Daniel Jarvis, executive vice president and chief financial officer, at (604) 669-9777.