Hyatt Makes New Group Billing Solution Fast And Easy

Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced a new standardized group billing solution that will be in most Hyatt Hotels by the end of the first quarter. Designed in part by Hyatt`s group customers, the new look produces a quick, accurate and simplified group master bill.

This new group billing initiative automates the time consuming process of compiling a master bill with all the appropriate backup documents. A client friendly printout includes summary and detail information on categories of charges bound and organized with tabs for easy review by the customer. Summaries are provided for room charges, planned food and beverage functions, convention services, audio visual and miscellaneous charges with back up for each charge. Supporting folio data can be arranged by a number of sort options selected by the customer to best fit the company`s needs.
In addition, this new automated group bill self-reconciles. The final bill cannot be printed until all charges and backup documentation balance. This safeguard ensures a record of all master account charges that is accurate and complete.
Customer feedback and focus groups provided Hyatt with timely and compelling customer needs which the company used to guide its development of the new group billing solution. “This has been a top concern for planners that resulted in lost time and frustration when reconciling final bills for payment”, said Robert Bansfield, assistant vice president of management information systems, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “Hyatt`s new billing system alleviates this problem by routinely printing out back up along with the bill, providing a variety of sort options and ensuring complete documentation.”
“We`ve listened to our customers` requests and needs and developed a product that would deliver a new level of accuracy, speed and simplicity to the master bill,” said Jean Alluisi, director of hotel accounting, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. “Our customers told us what they wanted and we delivered more than they expected.”

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts will continue to enhance the group billing system by soliciting ongoing requests from customers. The next step may include a group master bill available in an electronic format for planners who would prefer to receive it via e-mail.

Other key technology initiatives Hyatt has introduced in 2001 include; e-mmediate meetings, the fastest on-line ability to book small meeting space, rates and dates in real time; e-folio, an electronic folio that interfaces with a client`s accounts payable system to reimburse individual employees for their expenses; meeting room high-speed internet access outfitted in nearly every meeting room in Hyatt hotels & resorts in U.S. and Canada; and guest room high-speed internet service in all new Hyatt properties and in existing hotels with anticipated demand.