B-Licence Granted For The Casino Bad Ragaz

Casino Bad Ragaz AG has been granted permission to operate a B-Casino. Having considered the 41 applications for casinos, the Federal Council selected the Casino Bad Ragaz which has now received a licence.
The casino executive - the Thermalbäder & GrandHotels Bad Ragaz AG (T&G) and Admiral Casino Entertainment (ACE) - will be able to commence realization of this project immediately. The inauguration of the Casino Bad Ragaz is planned for New Year 2002.

The Project: Permission to build has already been granted by the Canton. Now detailed planning can commence. The Casino building will be a filigree structure that will harmonize fully with existing structures. The greatest attention will be paid to interior design and decoration to create an atmosphere in keeping with the high standard of the Resort.
The Casino Bad Ragaz will offer a gaming area covering 700 sq.m. exclusively on the ground floor. A range of board games and gaming machines will be available to the visitors. A mezzanine floor and/or the basement will house the entire technical and safety installations.

Regional Significance: The decision in favour of the Casino Bad Ragaz is very important for the whole region. Part of the total investments will be passed to industry in the immediate proximity and new work opportunities will arise. Furthermore, opening the Casino Bad Ragaz will stimulate tourism in the region.

Development Foundation: The Statement of Intent of the Casino Bad Ragaz to establish a Development Foundation comes into force as a result of the decision by the Federal Council. Thus, various institutions in the region will benefit directly from the predicted revenue from the Casino. The Foundation will in future direct funding towards a wide range of local needs. For example, tourism, cultural events, sporting events, and social commitments are high on the list. Equal shares of 1.5% of the gross earnings of the Casino Bad Ragaz will be directed towards the region of Sarganserland-Walensee, the association of local authorities for the Werdenberg region, and the tourist area of Heidiland, whereby an annual minimum sum of CHF 100`000.- in total will be guaranteed.