Pan Pacific Goes Back To The Future

(Singapore)—- Singapore-based Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is commemorating the company`s 30th Anniversary this year…and there is so much to celebrate! Though the global economy remains uncertain, Pan Pacific is weathering the storm due to each of the properties` integrity in their individual marketplaces.

While so many brands are busy creating cookie cutter replicas, in order to “respond to customer expectations,” Pan Pacific holds true to its successful tradition of differentiating their hotels and resorts by celebrating the diversity of each property. This philosophy is as present today as it was at the inception of the company.

“For travelers, today`s world is mass production…everything is a prototype,” comments Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts` President, Ichigo Umehara. Pan Pacific takes a different approach with a brand identity focusing on the genuine human spirit and individuality of its 18 distinctive properties.

Umehara continues, “There are six guiding principles which unite Pan Pacific - Respecting Individuals, Genuine Caring, Empowering, Balancing Global and Local, Achieving and Uplifting our Communities. These reflect the company`s culture of personalized, genuine care. This personalized care is brought to life through the company`s comprehensive standards of operation, one of the most important of which is the `ten-foot rule` which empowers any associate within close proximity to a guest to respond to that individual`s needs.”

In addition to the tradition of creating unique properties which complement each hotel`s location, Pan Pacific has maintained a niche for itself by launching a variety of company-wide promotions which are designed to not only unite the properties but to also set them apart from the competition. For instance, in celebration of the 30th Anniversary, Pan Pacific is offering up to 30% savings with great value-added benefits as well as exclusive bonuses for American Express cardholders.


Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is the overseas hotel management company operations of the Tokyu Corporation, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. In 1972, thirty years ago, Tokyu Corporation formed an overseas hotel management company named Tokyu Hotels International, Inc. to look after its Asia Pacific properties. Shortly after, a second hotel management firm, Emerald Management Company was formed in Honolulu, Hawaii to coordinate development in North America. Then, in 1989, Tokyu Corporation consolidated the operations of these two companies under the brand of Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts. In July 1995, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore to coincide with the relocation of the corporate headquarters from the United States to Singapore.
In 1991, Umehara was appointed president and self-proclaimed “Chief Disorganizer.” Although the company`s 30-year history is filled with poignant memories and historical significance, Umehara believes the most important event occurred in 1995 when Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts relocated the corporate headquarters. “This merging of western and eastern mindsets created a fusion of culture, blending the science of the west with the art of the east,” reflects Umehara. He explains, “Western hospitality has perfected the `science` of the industry by refining such important tools as guest history profiles while eastern mentality has long been acknowledged for the `art` of servicing the guest with such basic, yet personal, touches of mastering the personal attention to each guest.”

In 1997, for the company`s 25th Anniversary, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts went green, with their “Green the World” campaign. This program was designed to refocus the associates` behavior and enlist the support of the community to take action on preserving the natural environments we all hold so dear.

Umehara`s steadfast belief is reflected in his passionate discourse, “Environmental conservation is one of Pan Pacific`s core values. The constant and sometimes unchecked eradication of virgin jungle and forest reserves has resulted in an environment which is ecologically unbalanced and Pan Pacific, as a responsible corporate citizen, would like to play our part in preserving the precious environment for future generations.”

That legacy of community commitment lives on to this day. Hotels are encouraged to do what they can to preserve the environment and also their local culture. Umehara and his team are now on a mission to support non-profit organizations that may otherwise go unnoticed. For example, The Pan Pacific San Francisco launched a series of programs which benefit children in the arts, a cause which has been long overlooked in California.

Today, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts encompasses 18 hotels (15 managed properties and 3 marketing affiliates) with 7,014 rooms. Spanning half the globe, from Jakarta to San Francisco, some properties in locales like Palau in Micronesia, Pangkor Island off the coast of Malaysia and Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows in Hawaii, offer secluded getaways specializing in leisure and recreation. Others, like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Vancouver stand as striking landmarks in gateway cities catering to a business clientele which excel at accommodating the needs of international executives.

As an international hotel management company, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts is dedicated to providing world travelers with an excellent choice of hotels and services in prime locations throughout the greater Pacific region. But when it comes to travel experiences, Pan Pacific has a more important role.

Pan Pacific`s mission is to ensure that its properties throughout the Pacific Rim embrace the differences of each land and its culture. The company puts forward the philosophy that travel should be a journey into the mystique of a destination that travelers will long savor and thoroughly enjoy.

The celebration of culture and tradition is infused into almost every facet of the Pan Pacific product, from the experienced associate and amenities to the interior designs and dining options. Each property is crafted specifically for the community in which it resides and reflects its own personality as well as purpose.

One of the best presentations of culture is found in the culinary delights of each property`s dining establishments. Pan Pacific restaurants select the best local spices and specialties, adding signature dishes to menus featuring distinctive Pacific Rim style cuisine. Furthermore, such programs as Bangkok`s Youth Career Development Program demonstrates the company`s commitment to the local community. As a matter of fact, The Pan Pacific Bangkok was recently honored by the prestigious Global Business Coalition with the 2002 Award for Business Excellence in the Community.