Protea Hotels Joins PSA

Protea Hotels has become the first hospitality corporation to be awarded membership by Proudly South African.  Protea Hotels believes that as a member of this high-profile campaign, which aims to promote the best of South African companies, products and services locally and internationally, they will be able to further secure their position within the market place. “As Proudly South Africanå‘s preferred hotel group, we feel that weå‘ll be able to further enhance our position as å‘Africaå‘s number one hotel groupå’,” said Arthur Gillis, Group Managing Director for Protea Hotels.
They believe that this campaign has come at a time when South Africa`s re-emergence on to the world stage is extremely pertinent.  A recent international survey, conducted amongst key decision makers in sectors such as trade and investment, film production, tourism and the MICE (meetings, incentives. conferences and exhibitions), clearly indicated that South Africa is the most prominent country on the continent.  “Gone are the days when Kenya was perceived as the embodiment of Africa. South Africa has finally taken over this position and we will continue to work energetically to keep it this way,” continued Gillis.

Aiming to create jobs and economic growth, the campaign ultimately endeavors to help build our nation.  Only once companies meet the strict criteria and standards set out by this campaign, are they entitled to use the prominent logo to identify themselves, their products or services.  Criteria include stipulations on product content, fair labour and employment practices, quality standards and environmental standards amongst others.  The campaign believes that by meeting these standards, consumers can be re-assured that the logo is a symbol of high quality and social responsibility, and most importantly a clear support of the local economy.

Protea Hotels, which were recently awarded the Best South African Hotel Group, Asata / Diners Club award, are certain that the industry will recognize the significance and importance of their move to become Proudly South African’s preferred partner.  “The association is of extreme value, not only due to the strength of the PSA’s logo, but we are proud to be joining the ranks of the 200 strong choice corporate member base,” concluded Gillis.