The Peninsula Group Launches New Global Ad Campaign

The Peninsula Group’s new global advertising campaign recognizes the multi-dimensional roles its guests hold in life and embraces all of their different needs within the rich and comfortable surroundings of The Peninsula hotels.

“We all wear a number of different hats - company executive, parent, amateur athlete, life-of-the-party,” explained Simon Pearson, General Manager, Marketing of The Peninsula Group. “And our guests seem to thrive on doing that much more in order to get the most enjoyment out of life.”
“Through the ‘Room For All Of You’ campaign, we want our guests to know we understand all of their different needs and our service is personalized to match. Whatever their business or pleasure, guests will always feel comfortable and well looked after at The Peninsula.”
DDB Hong Kong headed creative development of the print campaign that launches in the September issues of major business, travel and lifestyle publications worldwide. Prominent Australian photographer, Eryk Fitaj, is the eye behind the camera.
“The ‘Room For All Of You’ concept is very unique and to make it work visually we placed the characters in a space that gave a hint of the experience without telling all. The backdrop incorporates the total feel of the hotel and yet, is a fantasy that entices and brings through the subtleties of the different Peninsula hotels,” said Eryk Fitaj.
“The Peninsula overall has an unobtrusive class about it - service is excellent, but played down. I feel the images portray the quality, class, individuality, luxuriousness and comfort that make people feel relaxed at The Peninsula,” added Eryk.