Singita Lebombo Lodge

The Newest Jewel in our Crown will be opening in December 2002, to coincide with the total solar eclipse in the region, our brand-new Singita Lebombo Lodge, located on the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park, is a prestigious addition to the Singita Group. The acquisition of the 15 000-hectare 20-year concession in a remote part of the world-renowned Kruger Park was a significant conservation and corporate coup for the Singita Group. The culmination of an extensive search for a product that would complement the top-rated Singita, it had to have the ability to become synonymous with the high standards of service excellence, luxurious accommodation and unrivalled guest experience for which Singita is renowned. Furthermore, it had to significantly differ from the habitat and characteristics of Singita in order to create a premier and diverse safari circuit to attract guests to visit both properties.  The Singita Group believes that we will meet and exceed these goals, as Singita Lebombo offers—unrivalled landscape and scenery— the Lebombo mountain range which runs through the eastern section has a particular impact on the habitat, which is significantly distinct from the habitat at Singita—the land comprises foothills of the Lebombo range, and overlooks the Nwanetsi River at its confluence with the Sweni River, and the savannah plains beyond—the area boasts the highest concentration of wildlife in the entire Kruger National Park
The Singita Lebombo concession is east of Satara on the eastern boundary of the Kruger National Park.  The Lodge is situated on a spectacular site, on the southern edge of the Nwanetsi River.  The suites are set into a clifftop overlooking the river, and the main lodge is located to take full advantage of the sweeping views of the Lebombo mountains and surrounding bush.

The Lodge and Design
Boyd Ferguson and Andrew Makin have designed a Lodge that will be substantially different to anything we have designed so far.  Our philosophy of treading lightly on the ground extends to Lebombo Lodge, too.  Two lodges are being constructed, one comprising 15 units and the other with 6 units.  The full-suite rooms can be described as elevated lofts, constructed primarily with glass and wood.  They will feature exceptional views and offer the premier facilities and amenities associated with our other properties.  These include numerous ‘experiences within the experience’, including various dining and living areas, wine cellars, a fully equipped gymnasium and a state-of-the-art health spa overlooking the confluence of the rivers.