Brandweek Lists Radisson Hotels Among Nation`s Leading `Superbrand` in Travel

Radisson Hotels & Resorts, a leading, global hotel company, committed to providing personalized, professional guest service and `Genuine Hospitality` at every point of guest contact, was recognized for its marketing efforts in Brandweek`s `Superbrands` report. Brandweek is an influential marketing magazine covering marketing and brand management issues for corporate marketing and communications executives.
The `Superbrands` report included an online survey of more than 35,000 U.S. consumers to cull their perceptions of 1,300 brands in 25 categories. Following an initial breakdown of the brands by total 2001 sales and media spending, they were then analyzed by consumers on the criteria of quality and salience (informed awareness), and brand-equity, derived by multiplying the two. Consumers were asked to rate their favorite brands on both quality and awareness, and identify how much goodwill a given brand has established.
“At a time when hotel brands are tremendously challenged to capture a broader market share through innovation and creativity rather than traditional, costly marketing methods, it`s rewarding to find that our efforts to provide a consist, high-quality product and enhanced guest experience are being recognized,” said Brian Stage, executive vice president of Marketing and Sales for Radisson. “While it`s always rewarding to be recognized by consumers as a leader in your industry, this listing is especially gratifying since Radisson was positioned ahead of many of its competitor brands that spend far more on media.”
The report lists Radisson third in the hotel portion of the Travel Services category, ahead of brands including Hyatt, Hilton, Wyndham, Ramada and Sheraton.

“Radisson`s brand equity with consumers has been on the rise over the past few years,” said Mike Beirne, Brandweek senior reporter, who covers the hospitality and travel industry and the Travel Services section of the magazine`s annual `Superbrands` report. “Brand awareness and perception has benefited from the fruit of their labors over the past few years, including brand repositioning, the roll-out of a new brand identity and new logo, and aggressive and creative marketing - illustrated by the new `Go Packages` and brand advertising.”
In the report`s editorial comment by Brandweek Editor Karen Benezra, she says that marketers` eagerness to provide a broader menu of brand choices for consumers has resulted in a fragmented world of line extensions that leave the consumer confused about brand quality.
“In such a fragmented world of product choices, it`s hard to think that anyone can successfully deliver a singular brand experience anymore,” said Benezra. “Without one, what`s a brand for?”
“The `Superbrands` analysis is an insightful tool for identifying a brand`s effective use of marketing strategies to cut through the clutter and deliver an experience that stands apart in their industry,” said Stage. “We`re very pleased that consumers think Radisson is a leader in this regard.”