Jumeirah International and Accor Sign Training Partnership

Dubai, July 2002: The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management has recently been accredited as the `Académie Accor Arabian Peninsula` for Accor. As a result, the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management will provide the training for staff at Accor`s new as well as existing hotels.

The unique partnership between The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management and Accor has been developed to enhance the quality of service provided by Accor`s employees hotels across the Arabian Peninsula. With this partnership, The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management hopes to fulfil its mission to educate and train the hospitality elite of the future.

The `Académie Accor Arabian Peninsula` will act as a focus for training design across the region - this will ensure overall consistency of course content and coherence with the Accor group culture. Around the world, the group delivers its training through a network of training centres and relay Academies. These use local training resources so that the realities of life and culture in each specific region are incorporated into the training courses provided.

All existing and future Accor hotels in the region will benefit from the training provided by the newly established `Académie Accor Arabian Peninsula` in cooperation with The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management. Among the 450 training courses available will be key Accor courses such as `Bienvenue chez Accor`, `Training the Trainer`, `Head of Department: a Manager` as well as `Up-selling`, `Yield Management`, `Welcoming a Guest: a State of Mind` and `Exceeding Guests` Expectations`.
The international faculty of The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management consists of specialists, recruited from all over the world, in hospitality & tourism education, communication and business management. Appointed on behalf of The Emirates Academy to manage the `Académie Accor Arabian Peninsula` activities is Mr. Denis Sorin, a senior member of faculty.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, in academic association with the prestigious École h™telière de Lausanne in Switzerland offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree programme in International Hospitality Management and this is the first hospitality management degree programme approved in the U.A.E by the U.A.E. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Currently undergoing the accreditation process is the four-year honours Bachelor of Arts degree programme in International Travel & Tourism Management and in addition,  The Emirates Academy offers a series of Professional Development Programme modules (PDP) designed to develop the hospitality and tourism industry`s middle and senior managers` cognitive skills in a variety of fields related to the industry. The programme comprises a number of modules that are carefully selected and developed to meet and exceed the development needs identified as common and of high importance by management in the hospitality and tourism industry


With 147,000 employees in 140 countries, Accor is the European leader and one of the world`s largest groups in travel, tourism and corporate services, with two major international activities: -  Hotels: 3700 hotels (415,000 rooms) in 90 countries, casinos, travel agencies and restaurants // - Services to corporate clients and public institutions: each day, 13 million people in 31 countries use a broad range of services (food vouchers, people care and services, incentive loyalty programmes, events) engineered and managed by Accor.

In Accor, training is provided to all levels of staff in the organization and every year 20% of the employees receive professional development training. Accor`s medium-term objective is to offer every one of the Group`s 145,000+ employees the opportunity of taking yearly a minimum of one qualification-based training course.