Accor Economy Lodging Addresses Concerns of Outdoorsmen

DALLAS (June 21, 2002) - In light of recent concerns raised by hunters and outdoorsmen, Accor Economy Lodging today provided information regarding its support of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Accor’s agreement with The HSUS is limited to two specific programs:

* “Pets for Life,” a program designed to keep pets and their owners together, and stem the tide of pets being surrendered to shelters by helping people solve the problems that threaten their relationships with their pets

* The HSUS’s disaster recovery efforts, aimed at helping people to safeguard their pets in the face or aftermath of a disaster. Accor has never been involved in any other areas of HSUS operations.

Accor is not involved in or providing support for any other HSUS programs.


“Our relationship with The HSUS is focused solely on Pets for Life and disaster recovery efforts, both of which pursue laudable and non-controversial goals,” said Carol Ann Kirby, Accor group executive vice president. “We entered into the relationship with The HSUS to highlight the longstanding pet-friendly policies at our Motel 6, Red Roof Inn and Studio 6 properties.”

“Unfortunately, this support has been misconstrued by some people as opposition on our part to hunting, fishing and other outdoor sports activities,” Ms. Kirby continued. “This is not the case. Accor respects the rights and opinions of all of our guests, and we don’t want the travelling public to develop an incorrect impression of the company. Over the years, we have welcomed outdoorsmen and women and their companion pets. We look forward to doing so in the future.”