New Eaton Advertising Campaign Focuses on Essential Elements

HONG KONG, 20 June 2002 ————The Eaton Hotel Hong Kong has unveiled a spectacular new international advertising campaign, representing its biggest print media project to date.

Never before has the Eaton Hotel staged such a concerted campaign aimed at business and leisure travelers, the travel industry and also local clientele who not only frequent the hotel`s food and beverage outlets but also use its extensive, first class banqueting services. 

The campaign entitled “essential elements,”  captures the energy and dynamism of the hotel and marries it with an emotional appeal.  It allures audiences to take pleasure and “immerse themselves in the many aspects of Eaton”  by providing scenarios that they can see themselves experiencing. 

There are eight visuals in total, each representing different aspects of the Eaton experience with emotional sub taglines that include: enlightenment for the overall experience, relaxation for rooms, revelation for banqueting; elation for weddings; enticement for Chinese food and beverage; and indulgence for Western style food and beverage.

The designs themselves blend the vibrancy of bright colours with photo collages that highlight different aspects of the hotel.  The result is a series of visually stimulating colour coded montages, eye-catching visuals that innovatively illustrate each of Eaton`s business areas and individualized style of service.


According to Mr Andrew Ooi,  General Manager of the Eaton Hotel,  the new media campaign is not only designed to showcase the many different services of the hotel, but to also enhance, reposition and build the brand awareness of Eaton.

“Our new look signifies a fresh beginning for the hotel.  It allows us to shift market perception from a traditional, conventional image to an exciting, happening meeting point for travel,  business and dining.
“Through the campaign,  we are looking to emphasis a shared sense of emotion and the Eaton Hotel`s role in understanding and enabling the perfect hotel experience, ” he said.

The advertising campaign will appear in leading newspapers,  business and travel trade press,  both locally and internationally.  Initially comprising a six month programme, the first three months will focus on the roll-out of the corporate campaign, with a second wave to concentrate more on promoting the different aspects of Eaton`s business through tactical ads.

The Eaton Hotel engaged the services of Impact Asia and Monopoly Design to advise on issues relating to the branding campaign, and to execute the design work and advertising placement.

“The challenge was clear from day one,” commented Susan Field, Managing Director of Impact Asia.  “We had to find a way to present the Eaton Hotel as a modern and visionary concept, at the same time maintaining and building on its heritage and core competencies.  Our objective was to introduce energy, dynamism and emotion to the ads.  The results are great fun and quite different from traditional hotel advertising.”

Concludes Ooi:  “Our strategy has been to create a successful campaign which builds a unique image and personality for us internationally in all our markets.  This new campaign showcases our new vision of the hotel offering a more dynamic, flexible and personal service style reflecting the unique understanding we have of our customers.”