Accor and Agence Nationale pour l’Emploi

Paris, June 12, 2002 ._ Michel Bernard, Managing Director of Agence Nationale pour
l’Emloi (ANPE), and Volker Büring, Accor Corporate Human Resources and
Organization General Manager, today signed a nationwide cooperation agreement
intended to develop and strengthen relations between the two partners.
In 1993, Accor was the first major French company to sign a training and employment
pact with the government. In 1997, a nationwide program was set up with the ANPE
that has enabled the Group to recruit some 2,000 people a year.
The three-year partnership can be adapted locally by integrating specific commitments
reflecting the needs of targeted regional labor pools, and results will be reviewed
annually. A steering committee will meet once a year to track the project, leverage
successful programs, and define areas for change and development.
The agreement will focus on three objectives:
á Facilitate hiring by: - Informing the ANPE of Accor job vacancies and organizing hiring programs
combining the needs of Group establishments. - Involving other ANPE partners, notably special organizations for young people
and the Cap Emploi network for the handicapped. - Helping job seekers to learn more about Accor’s businesses by having the
agency offer job evaluation programs in Accor establishments.
á Improve transition to the workplace by: - Expanding hiring criteria to include, in addition to diplomas and experience,
other criteria, such as the hiring simulation method developed by the ANPE. - Capitalizing on training systems designed to help job seekers adapt their skills
to specific job requirements.
á Promote the exchange of information and expertise by: - Supplying ANPE agents with Accor Guide to professions and helping them
learn more about the Group’s businesses. - Sharing the agency’s understanding of the job market and its job programs with
Accor establishments. - Posting information on both partners’ websites: and