New Name for Shoney`s Inns

ShoLodge, Inc. today announced that it intends to convert the name of the Shoney`s Inns hotel chain to GuestHouse International Inns & Suites. The Company recently acquired GuestHouse International Franchise Systems, Inc. (GuestHouse), the franchisor of the GuestHouse hotel brand, consisting of 73 properties in operation, 12 properties under development, and 27 license agreements in various stages of completion.

Leon Moore, chief executive officer of ShoLodge, said, “After careful consideration of the merits of the two hotel brands, we have concluded that there are several important advantages in converting the Shoney`s Inns brand to GuestHouse Inns and Suites. We believe that the name change to GuestHouse Inns and Suites provides the opportunity for a greater presence in the marketplace and thereby better establishes the identity of our properties in the minds of customers. The name GuestHouse suggests a warm hospitality that should be well received. We expect to begin converting the 30 hotels that we own or manage as soon as practical, and the franchisees that own the other properties will convert soon after. All new franchising will be done under the GuestHouse name.”

“The name change recommendation was presented to the Shoney`s Inn Franchise Owners Council and received overwhelming support. All Council members committed to convert their Shoney`s Inns to the GuestHouse name, which will be the only change. ShoLodge currently is the franchisor of 70 Shoney`s Inns, providing training, marketing, sales and operational support to franchisees.”