First Mobile Phone Crèche Opened By Scottish Hotel

The UKå‘s first mobile phone cr̬che is being opened by the Kinlochbervie Hotel in the north west Scotland Highlands. Guests at the hotel can check their mobiles into the cr̬che, which will be complete with deck chairs and parasols, and have their phones answered by the hotel staff. Hotel owner, Stewart McHattie, believes that relieving guests of their mobiles will help them have a more relaxed, calm break. The cr̬che opens this weekend.
“The Kinlochbervie Hotel is set in some of the most stunning scenery in Scotland and we think that by offering to make our guests’ holiday a ‘ring-free’ zone, it will give them a better opportunity to soak in the peace and tranquillity of Sutherland. Many of our guests are the archetypal ‘stressed out’ execs, so our mobile armistice gives then the chance to ditch the constant interruptions of their phones and really immerse themselves in our peaceful surroundings.”
The mobile crèche comes complete with phone answering service, since the Kinlochbervie staff will answer all incoming calls for mobiles in the crèche. Callers will be told that the mobile’s owner is currently on holiday in one of Scotland’s most peaceful locations, and that, if absolutely necessary, a message can be passed on to them, but that the hotel would prefer to take a message and pass it to the guest when they check their mobile out of the crèche.
Says Stewart, “It is good to talk, but we think we are offering the ultimate in call waiting with the mobile phone crèche. We’ve always marketed the Kinlochbervie as a stress free zone.”
The Kinlochbervie Hotel is situated in the north west Scottish Highlands with panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean.  The hotel can be contacted on 01971 521275 or at