The Secrets Of Chinese Tea Revealed At The Mark, New York

Afternoon tea at Mark`s Restaurant proudly unveils the wisdom of the Orient with the venerable teachings of Mr. Ringo Wing Chung Lo. The Mark, New York enters the Chinese Lunar calendar with Mr. Lo`s popular Art of Chinese Tea classes at Mark`s Restaurant, beginning February 6th, March 12th and April 3rd.

The classes expound on the afternoon Mandarin Tea service, featuring the most aromatic Chinese tea, complemented by assorted Chinese pastries. The new service has been a hit with the Madison Avenue jet set, filling the afternoon hours with aromas of Ti Juan Yin, Chrysanthemum, and Loong Chang (Dragon Well) teas. The Art Of Chinese Tea classes emphasize the different classifications of tea, and how to tell which is best. Each class takes place in Mark`s Restaurant from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, and costs $35.00 per person.
Mr. Lo`s knowledge and skill has brought him world recognition, from the H™tel de Crillon in Paris to the Gourmet Festival in St. Moritz.  Prior, Mr. Lo was the Chinese Food Service Manager and Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong from 1982 until 1990. He also worked at The Peninsula, Hong Kong.

“The Chinese regard tea like wine, with certain vintages,” Mr. Lo effuses. “Bouquet and flavour depend on the country or region of origin, which leaves are used, the bud, the bud and the first leaf, the bud and the first two leaves, or the third leaf. Also, when the leaves are plucked and which variety of tea plant is important. We use water with a perfect balance of ph7 to ensure the purity in the taste of the tea.”

Mr. Lo`s experience insures that only the finest of tea leaves are used, hand picked and processed through proper parching, rolling, oxidation, and drying. He is on hand for Mandarin Tea at Mark`s from 2:30-5:30 p.m., as well as through the dinner hour. Mr. Lo can be found advising guests on which tea to choose with different menu items, assisting with the details of brewing tea, and even preparing a special after dinner chrysanthemum or rose tea, comparable to refined and aromatic brandy.