BTI Canada Statement on Safety and Security

In recent weeks some of our competitors have issued statements in response to the current global political uncertainty, and the ways in which they are preparing their businesses in the event of a war.

War is, of course, an unwelcome prospect for all of us. However, at BTI Canada
the safety and security of our customers has always been of paramount importance to us and we are confident that we already have the best possible measures in place to support our clients should any disruptions occur.

BTI Canada and its travellers are supported by the global BTI organization. The sheer extent of this organization means that we have:

á          Our own global support mechanism in the expertise of our international colleagues, who can provide     assistance on the ground in nearly 90 countries, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

á    Exceptional staff that are committed to delivering the best possible service, even when faced with the most difficult of circumstances.


á    Superior technology systems, which provide us with instant access to extensive traveller data.

á    Relationships with the world’s major airlines which put us in the unique position of being able to     obtain up-to-the-minute knowledge of global events a well as the leverage to ensure our travellers     take precedence wherever and whenever possible.

The events of September 11th proved just how professionally BTI is able to respond when required: our dedicated teams worked round the clock and, supported by our comprehensive data, were able to locate travellers and provide our clients with up-to-date worldwide travel information and support. The commendations we received from clients for the efforts of our global teams serve as a real testament to our ability to not only cope, but to truly exceed expectations, in a crisis situation. However, we take pride in the fact that these capabilities are not just called upon in the time of global tragedies. BTI’s ethos dictates that we must be able to respond to our clients whenever they need our help and support.