Amadeus Delivers Low Fare Search Engine for Online Sites

has announced the launch of Master Pricer, the first online, low fare search engine that consistently covers worldwide itineraries.

Master Pricer is designed to respond to the needs of large-scale travel portals operating in a highly competitive and increasingly price sensitive online marketplace. Such portals need to constantly offer competitive low fare proposals to drive traffic to their sites.


á Master Pricer enables web sites to display the lowest available air fares on any route, combining domestic and international legs.

á For travellers who demand flexibility with their travel dates and itinerary, Master Pricer offers powerful search options including extension of search to alternate dates and airports.
á Master Pricer returns, in a single shot, hundreds of bookable itineraries, from which the traveller can select the best option. 



Based on “open” technology, it brings unprecedented reach, speed, flexibility and quality to low fare search. In a recent independent, third party study of online travel sites, a leading airfare auditing and benchmarking firm reported that Master Pricer pilot,
, consistently had the lowest available international fares versus top Internet travel sites Orbitz
, Expedia
, and Travelocity


“Solutions available in the market today can offer advanced low fare search only for North American domestic flights. Amadeus has now extended this functionality to the worldwide marketplace, and to US consumers travelling internationally,” states Claude Giafferri, Vice President, Product Management for Amadeus.


“Master Pricer is fully integrated with Amadeus and uses the same processes and data as in the core reservation system, unlike the stand-alone low fare search engines available today. This guarantees full data integrity and synchronisation with the reservation process, avoiding the inconsistencies and errors which have often characterised low fare online booking to date,” he says.


Master Pricer is currently available in the US and will be deployed worldwide this year.

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