Rosenbluth International Makes Great Strides in 2002

Rosenbluth International
, the world`s third largest travel management company, announced today its review of Company operations for the full year 2002.

Despite a challenged overall economy and a weak travel market of historic proportions, the Company enjoyed a remarkably successful year. Among its accomplishments, Rosenbluth led several initiatives to overhaul the business travel and airline industry, developed new products to better meet its customers` needs, restructured its global operations for greater global efficiency and brought in numerous new clients to the business.
“While 2002 was a tough year, and one that forced everyone in the travel industry to reevaluate their basic business model, our focus remains on providing an extraordinary level of service to our clients, both new and old, and that is best accomplished through a sustained investment in our people and new products and technology.  Additionally, we remain committed to leading the way for the industry on important issues like airfare pricing reform and simplicity in the managed travel marketplace,” said Hal F. Rosenbluth
chairman and chief executive officer of Rosenbluth International.

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