Amadeus to Supply Finnair with New Generation IT Systems

Finnair is the latest airline to execute a major
IT agreement with Amadeus
for the provision of passenger management

Caption: Hans Jorgensen
, Vice President, Airline Business Group for Amadeus

Finnair will be the third airline to transfer its inventory, departure
control and load control systems to Amadeus` New Generation IT platform,
joining launch customers and fellow oneworld alliance members, British
Airways and Qantas. The 10-year agreement underscores Amadeus` capacity and
commitment to become the IT provider of choice for the airline industry.
Delivery of Finnair`s new systems is scheduled for 2005.

“Our business strategy lies in the use of smart and innovative technology to
increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance our capability to meet new
business challenges,” Tom Källström, Vice President, Corporate eBusiness &
New Ventures for Finnair states. “The Amadeus New Generation IT platform,
with its open architecture, allows us to tailor-make specific solutions
whilst maximising economies of scale. Its integrated and customisable
processes help us to better address our fluctuating needs and to create a
cost structure that is more predictable and adjustable.”

“Finnair has been an Amadeus System User and used the Amadeus GDS services
for sales and distribution for the past 10 years,” says Hans Jorgensen
, Vice
President, Airline Business Group for Amadeus. “This new agreement further
strengthens our existing relationship, expanding it into inventory and
departure control system services and so completes the full suite of Finnair
passenger services.”

“On developing this potential, Amadeus has recognised the needs of airlines
to integrate their service systems with alliance members and reduce costs.
Through this new agreement Amadeus is giving Finnair the possibility to move
from fixed to variable costs, which is a key factor for airlines to survive
and prosper in uncertain times such as these,” he concludes.


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