New KDS Corporate Empowers Corporations with Freedom

today launched KDS Corporate Version 5.5
featuring KDS Web Link and KDS Direct Link which add web fares (low-cost
carriers and others) and train search and booking capabilities to the
business travel management solution.

Train capabilities such as direct access to availabilities and booking, are
key demands from corporations to streamline their business travel budget. In
France, for example, 60 percent of corporations choose the train rather than
the plane for national business trips (Bernard Julhiet Consulting), while
Eurostar carries 28 percent business travelers that contribute to 46 percent
of its revenue. Similarly, corporations striving for drastic cost reductions
are requiring the integration of low-cost carriers` attractive fares in
their self-booking tools.

With its latest version of KDS Corporate, KDS brings the market a solution
that provides corporations with a real choice between main travel suppliers.
Such innovative modules as KDS Web Link and KDS Direct Link illustrate KDS`s
capability to provide its customers with a source of travel information as
exhaustive and neutral as possible. When displaying availabilities and fares
of traditional airlines, low-costs, web fares and train on the same screen,
KDS empowers business travelers with a real capacity to optimize their
choice while managing the corporation`s travel budget even more efficiently.

In order to further extend business travelers` ease of use and provide them
with more services, KDS has also improved KDS Corporate with extra
contextual information, better ergonomics, more local information, and
further integration with expense management. By accelerating the complete
process of trip planning and booking and providing more exhaustive
information, these new enhancements give business travelers a richer choice
and make their trip booking easier.


“Aberdeen research shows the major trends in business travel and expense
management this year are the ability to access more fare options in
corporate travel booking solutions, the integration of travel booking and
expense management automation systems, and the increasing importance of
international capabilities overall,” said Christa Degnan, senior analyst
with the Aberdeen Group. “The latest version of KDS Corporate addresses
these areas effectively, especially with the direct connect capabilities for
services such as trains, a particularly unique and compelling cost-effective
option KDS offers the European traveler.”

“With our latest version of KDS Corporate, we prove once again the power of
our vision and our innovative spirit,” comments Jean-Fran├žois Vergnangeal,
VP Marketing & Strategic Alliances at KDS. “Today, corporations demand more
freedom to choose their travel service suppliers and strive to regain
control over their full Travel & Expense management process. KDS Corporate
answers their expectations by providing them with an innovative lever to
monitor and streamline their T&E costs.”

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